Monday, February 4, 2008

The Trek Of Goodness...

.:The Trek Of Goodness:.

Saturday marked yet another walkaround children's magic show for me, and I sure ain't complaining! It was a great party all around, and while I was supposed to entertain mainly the kids, the celebrant's mother wanted me to entertain the adults more, which I pulled off mostly by using Liquid Metal to good effect. People have seen magicians before, but rarely do they run into mentalists, at a children's party, no less.

What really made the show interesting was that Liquid Metal got the best reactions throughout the day. There was this kid in particular who was a bit shy, and wasn't too keen with the Sponge Balls, but once I did Liquid Metal, she did a double take, and next thing I knew, she was hooked.

I did a lot of the Sponge Balls, which amused both kids and adults alike, as well as a bit of card tricks, including Mel Meller's "Thinking On Your Feet", and of course, the usual mentalism staples like the O.R.B.S. effect (Blindfolded Rubik's Cube), and Liquid Metal, plus a little bit of Positive-Negative just for good measure.

.:Little Did I Know...:.

That I was actually performing for Mr. Chavit Singson and Ms. Angelu de Leon during last Saturday's show. I was really not thinking about it at all, but now that I had the time to recollect my thoughts... well, I'll be darned!

That, plus the fact that Balloon Creations liked my effort so much, meant that I found myself booked for four more shows up until May. No complaints there at all! Hehe.

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