Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday's Big Event...

.:Tektite Madness:.

I had a combination stage and walkaround show for today, and it was a pretty strong effort, overall.

Admittedly, I had a bit of kinks to work out when I opened my stage show, but not only did the close-up segment of my performance compensate for that, I regained my bearings as soon as I began my Ring Through Rope Routine. The kids were fun to work with, although I was a bit worried they'd deform my Ring, since they were tugging at it pretty hard.

Nonetheless, my brief stage show really turned a lot of heads, and I'm glad it worked out pretty well, although my mentalism bits were still the effects that had the best reactions. The Blindfolded Rubik's was definitely finale material, and I'm glad that the people I performed it for appreciated that one. It's definitely something I love doing, especially since nobody in my circles is currently doing the effect.

I still have one more show next week, then it's going to be quite a ways before the next scheduled one, which is still in May. Perfect time for me to see if I can find any chances to actually go and do more mentalism in the future...

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