Saturday, January 12, 2008

It Was A Magical Saturday...

.:Round Robin FTW!:.

Last night, The Story Circle had a very interesting gathering at the Rotary Club, what with all of us being required to perform something for everyone to see.

There were some notable performances, like Resemble's comedy routine (No magic at all!), Trycks's routine, and Cardician's. I was a bit happy about the routine I employed though, which was Mel Meller's "Thinking On Your Feet", a variation of the classic "Sam The Bellhop", except with jumbo cards and painful puns. I think the people were amused, for the most part, even if my performance needed work.

A big thanks to Anthony, Mike, Cakit, and Trycks for helping me out with working on sponge balls and other ideas for my show today.

Well, I'm off soon. Wish me luck! This ought to be good.

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