Monday, March 10, 2008


.:I Did It!:.

Before we get into what I "did", let's link you to a couple of videos to give you the general gist...

Part 1
Part 2

It's 20 minutes of your life well-worth spending. Trust me.

.:Having Said That...:.

Well, the thing is, I performed exactly that very effect for Mindstorm practice last weekend. I'm definitely happy about having finally devised a way to subliminally program the audience to pick a specific paper, a specific page, a specific piece of the page, and a specific word, all through very carefully scripted wordplay meant to lead them to no other choice but to do exactly as I have surreptitiously directed them (subconsciously) to do.

I performed the effect twice in a day, using a bunch of newspapers I asked from Sonny Minoza, since we were performing at his house. Yes, no gimmicks or anything of the sort. The effect was nearly impromptu, which meant my scripting could've used a lot more work, but it proved sufficient, and definitely floored the kids I performed it for. Considering this wasn't going to be a visual smorgasbord, the fact that the effect made 12-year old kids really stare at me with mouths agape in amazement made me feel it was definitely one of the best effects I've ever performed.

Later in the evening, I performed the effect for The Story Circle, and while the word they chose wasn't as powerful as the first one, I had some refinements during the second performance that really made them sit and take notice of what just happened. I made sure that the apparent method was going to fry laymen and most magicians alike, mainly because of how I kept on describing to them what was going on and how I was eliminating various "explanations" people could come up with to rationalize what just happened.

Given the minimal amount of props needed (A bunch of newspapers to choose from, and something to write your prediction on.), this miracle of subliminal programming is just about next to none.

So as I said, "yatta"!

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